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My name is Irina. I am a professional web designer and digital marketer. My goal is to help dental clinics stand out online and attract new patients.

I specialize in building peak-performing websites. All websites that I build look attractive and professional. All the fonts, colors, and graphics are carefully curated to meet the expectations of your target audience. But there is more to a growth-driven website than good looks.

I build websites with the best user experience in mind, so your patients will want to discover your offers. I optimize all the elements to achieve high loading speed. I adjust the metadata to make sure your website is easy to find on Google and Yahoo. And of course, your website will look good on all devices – laptops, tablets, and phones.

I have been marketing world-class brands since 2011. Having started my career as an in-house marketer for Deloitte, the world’s top 4 consulting company, I spent the first 7 years of my professional life working with Fortune 500 brands and international market leaders.

5 years ago I joined the world of entrepreneurship and found my passion in helping new ambitious businesses reach their goals. I work with start-ups and mid-size businesses that make the community around them a better place.

I believe in life-long learning and always learn best practices and new trends in web design. I hold certifications from IBM, Cisco, SAP, HubSpot, Google, SEMRush, and Accenture. To view the full list of my 30+ certifications please go to my LinkedIn account. You are welcome to connect!


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